Cafe Avelina - Sta. Barbara Baliuag, Bulacan (JP Rizal St.), Philippines

My life in bullets:
  • I'm in my early twenties now. It's the stage in life where you have to be responsible and playful at the same time. I'm not sure if I'm making it balanced.. all I know is that I am in the phase of "Dear life, come what may."
  • I love windy and cozy places. I'm a coffee lover too, to the point that it's no good at all. High caffeine intake = acidity = unhealthy skin = eye bags
  • I have so many plans, I don't know where to begin.
  • In my age, I understand now that relationships are precious. I'm not only talking about romantic relationships here.. there are so many relationships existing, and you should invest in a healthy one.
  • My life is at its best so far. Less drama, no intoxicating relationships, more on positiveness.

    One afternoon, we decided to have a quality time and I believe that quality time means good food and/or coffee. And this place is a haven for a coffee lover and vintage-y person like me. Fact: I am into classics, traditions.. I love everything old. My boyfriend is my opposite. He's so modern. Huhuhu. - and not into sweets and coffee. But he always have no choice. Hehehe

    That capiz window + kawaii lantern. (yas. I use "kawaii")

    If you want to relax or cheer yourself up, and if you're just around the area.. why not try Cafe Avelina? The place is so comfy, food is good, the price is okaaaay (not too expensive, not that cheap)

    Obligatory PS: I am new to blogspot and I am loving the interface. Been to tumblr for years! Now I am here. Hiiiiii :D

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