June 04, 2015


Just like any other things going on in one's life, changes has two different ways.. it can make us or either break us. Turning 22 this month, there are so many changes happening in my life all at once. The transition is so fast that I am being unable to cope up. Cause when life hits you with positive changes, ofcourse you'll be grateful and happy but if it's the opposite.. There's nothing you can do but stand there in the corner and watch painfully. There is nothing you can do, cause these changes are (sometimes) unavoidable and constant.

One day, I'm in a bliss, enjoying all the privileges the world is giving me. 
The other day, everything seems just fine and ordinary. 
Today, I just found myself writing, while drinking a mixed-vegetable juice, with my dog as my only companion.
I am sad. Pretty sad.

I am ageing and trying to achieve things on my own one step at a time. Soon, I'm starting another year in my life.
I can't give much details but right now, I am undergoing a "solo-training" or you can call it a learn-it-your-own thing. 
This is what every teenagers dream, a life of their own.. but trust me, when you get there, it's not as cool as you think.

Mentally and physically, I am ready to take over.. but emotionally? NAH. Depending everything on no one but yourself, doing the chores while having an 8-5 job is not a problem to me at all. 
It is the idea of detaching with the people you've been with since you're a little kid is what makes it all  heavy. Relationship as I say, are the most important to me right now. But I can't do something cause this is necessary, and (I believe) .. for the better.


So, this is basically an example of how changes are terrible sometimes.

えいえん もの など ありません。

PS: Sorry for the saddening blog post. I'll be back with a happy heart soon(-er I hope)



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