June 09, 2015

You probably (already) knew some of the things I'm going to say in this entry, but I'll say it anyway. I address this post to those who are not sure on where they're standing right now, without any idea of which lines to cross, and having troubles in growing up - Yes, growing up is hard.

I'm not saying that I am an expert in life or whatsoever.. but these learning are from experiences. I am once a teenager - with so many things messing up my mind. There are things I wish I did and vice versa.

  • Be careful what you wish for. 
Once, when I was still in my teenage years.. I made a wish out of rebellion - I believe every teenager rebels, in different ways, sometimes not literally, or liberate, but teenagers do rebel. It's the time where they disapprove of something, or want something to happen in their life that their parents dislike, or pursue a thing their environment didn't expect them to pursue. Rebellion is not just about wearing a bold black eyeliner...

Long story short - I wished that someday I'll live my life alone.  I am dying to grow up so I can be on my own. And now I am here. Grown up and alone. It was now that I realized, living alone isn't "cool". It sucks. No matter how you hate your parents now, trust me, you need them in your life and you'll miss all the nagging and sermons and all the food they're cooking for you, you brat! You'll realize .. that all the things that you hate about them are actually all for your sake.

If you have a dream or something that you wish to happen in your life right now, think again if it is really want you wanted and not just an urge of the moment.

  • Protect yourself physically.
Apply sunblock, drink a lot of water, sleep early and wake up early, treat bruises right away. We have to accept that there's no such thing as "beauty within" in today's society. Yes, I strongly agree that a beautiful soul is much more important but in reality you can't get your first job if there is someone with the same skills as you but with a prettier face/healthier body. The reason why there's a 2x2 photo attached to resumes and medical exam is a requirement. Bitter truth: People. Will. Judge. Your. Physical. Build. 

Thankfully, I reached my age without a major scar, and with a complete set of teeth, appearance is not a big problem... but sad to say, my body feels to be ageing so fast now. I have a low blood pressure and RBC count, and UTI (occasionally). Thanks to my 17 year-old self who keeps on staying up all night texting someone unimportant, and not drinking enough water while eating junk.. all stubbornness paid off now. Be healthy while you're still young!

PS: I failed medical exam tree times(!) on my first job. 

  • Study - Cause that is your responsibility.
There is time for everything. Now is the time for you to study. There may be a lot of distractions but you can always say no. You may give in for a while but remember that studying is priority. Older people won't say "been there, done that" for no reason, trust us cause WE'VE BEEN THERE!
I was a lazy bum too, and now I regret slacking off during class cause maybe if I persevere in academics before .. maybe I landed on a more decent job.

  • You make you.
Do not mind the voices dictating what you have to do when you know you're already doing the proper thing. Just because everybody is doing 'it' doesn't mean 'it' is right. You can't go with the flow every single time, have your own voice and be logical. This will take you somewhere in the future. Join the theater club, the varsity team, or the religion studies society (yes we have that in High School) .. Do whatever you like as long as you're not doing anything wrong. It's too early to doubt your capabilities. Build yourself as early as today - because you, yourself is your own investment.

  • Enjoy!
You're too young to feel pressured and exhausted. Growing up may be confusing but you can always take it in a positive perspective. There are more serious things waiting for you in your 20's so consider having fun now while you're still young! Take a lot of pictures, go to camping, to prom, to field trip,  participate at school activities, hang out with your friends and go shopping with your mom at weekends. (while it's still free. lol) Don't be afraid to make a mistake, just be sorry afterwards and learn from that experience. Do not hurry to grow up, you'll eventually get there! It's a long ride, be brave and be free little one. 


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