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July 09, 2015

As promised on my earlier post, here is a short/brief review about the book because I don't want to spoil all the details to those who haven't read it yet. I won't be giving much details, just the things to expect.

The authors of this book are the two of the most popular "It" girls in my country. (BTW, I'm from the Philippines)
So, stereotypes are as follows:

"They're just making money by using their popularity, the book will be nothing more than pretty face(s)"

"Just a smart move in advertising."

"Maybe it will be just about kikay stuff and non-sense 'It girl problems' "

The cover: Solenn Heussaff and Georgina Wilson. If you're at my country, you probably knew these girls, but in case you're not, I'm here to make short introductions of each. Georgina Wilson (right) is one of the top endorsers/models. Her recent milestone is hosting Asia's Next Top Model 3. 
While Solenn Heussaff (left) is a popular host, endorser and an artist. 

Of course, topics such as beauty, fashion and fitness is automatically on the list. They're perfect in those factors so we won't be surprise about this. But what impresses me is the chapter one - wherein they bravely reveal their "true appearance" (and the other side of their life) on the book.

This one is very helpful.. *cough* to me, specially.

Martine Cajucom also takes part with her short words of wisdom in travelling.

My favorite part of the book is this - the finance part. Georgina is the one responsible for this chapter, and I fell in love with her even more after reading this. She's not just pretty, she's really smart - what a bad ass! 

Truth is, i hate dealing with finance or moreover, with calculations and numbers. I hate you Math! But these topics were really essential in one's life especially for working women like me. Chapter six is a guide through money matters and what I love about this is that Georgina have brought out such topic flawlessly, it doesn't even sound complicated at all.

Overall, the book is informative in a simple and classy way.
Now it occurs to me the reason why they're being called the "It Girls":

Bravado + Intelligence

PS: I'm obsessed.

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  1. Hello! I came across this post and included it in my blog post here: Bestie's Book Review

    So my blog visitors and readers could also view yours. ;)

    1. Thank you Ms. Louise! More power to your blog po :)

  2. Hey, this is really nice. I am thinking this book was for girls when I first heard about it, so I did not pay much attention. But seeing the topics, this could come in handy and would make an excellent addition to my library.

  3. The content of books looks great and I must say, it has been designed so nicely, the graphics, fonts colors and all looks awesome.

  4. Good to know that this book is a good read. The topics are relevant and judging how these two girls on the cover have traveled the world, they must have given great tips on travel. Nice!

  5. So these two gorgeous ladies now have a book, so cool! I would recommend this to my friends as well. Thanks!

  6. It looks so interesting and cool. I think it's perfect to a "feeling" beautiful like me. Lol!

  7. Oh gosh it's so cute you have a copy of it. I love the "it girls". I wanna buy one as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it.

  8. I have this book!!! One of the best girl guides ever! <3

  9. Solenn and Georgina are really good influencers with this great book that serves as guide for women out there.

  10. I love these girls. Great role models. The book reminds me of when Paris Hilton released her books but Besties Book Club has more information that we can all relate to.

  11. I also have this book but I can't find it now that I want to finish it. These girls are really a peg when it comes to not being just beautiful but also for being a woman with lots of knowledge and wisdom about life. Thanks for a great review of this. Now I really have to find that copy of mine!

  12. I may not be able to relate myself in most of the book's contents but I wouldn't mind having this book for one reason, both of my celebrity crushes were here!.. Damn, i didn't know they are besties hahaha

  13. Cool! I agree, and as the saying goes, you can never really judge a book by its cover -- literally in this case. I like the contents and the presentation inside. It seems very easy to read. I don't know if i could get a hold of the book from here in Scandinavia, but sure, I'd like a copy!

  14. Georgina and Solenn are my faves! I was thinking of buying this book. Thanks for the post!


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