July 23, 2015

I'm not a fan of immediate conclusions, generalizations and a burger without bacon. 
Those are the words indicated in my instagram bio. And I am not kidding the moment I typed that on my phone thinking of the most appropriate phrase to sum myself up. Growing up, I've learned not to judge people and to patiently wait for them to prove themselves up. On the other side, I, myself too were often slayed by these stereotypes. And I believe some of you can relate.

Here are some of the many wrong perceptions about me:

PEACE!!! ♥   

"She's from a broken family, therefore she might have some psychological/emotional/attitude problem"

I was really upset when someone says "Alam ko naman may pinagdaanan ka, kaya ka ganyan" 
/I know it's been rough on you, that's why you're like that.
Guys, I'm normal. I behave well. I am tamer than other kids I know with a well-kept family. If ever you see something wrong with my attitude, or if I have done something wrong... my family has nothing to do with it. It's purely me and myself. I was raised well by my mother, lola/grandmother, and aunties - I have a strong support system, I am not cursed, sick and to be pity. Judging me by the situation of my family without knowing me well (personally) is really disappointing.

"She's an IT graduate, she must know how to fix our antenna."

We (referring to my fellow IT graduates/students) encounter this kind of situation, believe it or not! Some people are really crazy. Sometimes its a broken phone, radio adapter, camera or television. Hahaha! I always answer: "I'm an IT not a technician" (>.<) Then, in shock, they'll give me the look of disappointment following by the words "I thought you know how to fix it" LOLOLOLOL

"She's an only child, she must be spoiled. Lucky rich kid!"

Err. Nope. I grew up with very strict companions. I got my first phone in 6th grade it was a Nokia3210. I was taught how to wash dishes and how to cook rice when I was in Grade I. We will eat at Jollibee ONLY if I got high grades on examinations and if I have other awards. My school allowance in High School is 50 pesos a day, 100 pesos when I reached College. LOL. If I wanted a new phone, I should save money for it. I got my Samsung Tab 3 mini when I was 19 y/o from my own savings. I won't buy a new phone unless the old one is not working at all or if I lost it.
Aside from the material aspect.. I was not allowed to just do anything I wanted. There was always something more "important" to do than what I wanted to do, namely: review, clean up, sleep. Few times I was grounded. No phones, no going out, no TV. Only eating, studying and sleeping. I never experienced sleepover! ever. in. my. entire. life. And once in my life I was scolded because I am swaying my feet while sitting, I was 15 y/o that time. So, who's the spoiled one?? Me? Really?

"She has few friends, maybe she's rude and she's not easy to get along with."

There are different types of people on earth; outgoing, loner, friendly, reserved, I guess I'm the latter. I admit, I don't usually make the first move to be friends but I am surely approachable. I am a reserved kind of person which is in the middle of extrovert and introvert. People just don't understand because they're not interested figuring things out, they just conclude - cause to them that's easier.
I may not have many friends, but I am a keeper of the real ones. I have a best friend for 10 years! We just didn't hang out often. And some other friends in various age which I got to see once in a while.
There's just many things going on in each other's lives but the true friendship doesn't have to be loud, outgoing, full of night out and crazy things. You just have to be sincere, if it's real it will not easily disappear even after years of not seeing each other.

"You're watching anime???? But that's for kids. What a childish."

Childish ≠ childlike.
Try to watch or just google "Mirai Nikki", "Another", "Attack On Titan", "Death Note" and tell me again that anime is for kids. I started getting hooked to anime when I was in college. Anime looks so simple and "for kids" on the outside but some of it got real deep shit. Don't judge by just looking. There's more about it to love. It's hard to explain and I'm not trying to convince anyone to love anime, my point is.. stop labeling us (referring to my fellow anime lovers) we didn't even tell you that you're so childish when you hit the bar and get drunk. Is maturity really measured on doing 'adult' stuff??? I don't think so.


What I do about these stereotypes? Nothing. Just letting it go. I don't have to prove myself to people. At the end of the day, It's me who knows myself better than anyone.

Do not let society define you, you define yourself.

Break the stereotype.

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  1. Nakakarelate ako sa lahat ng to. People think there is something wrong with you because you came from a broken family. The worst is IT/ComSci knows how fix appliances. Lol

    Xx, Vanessa
    Ai ♥ Capture Memories | The College Candy

    1. Oh my. Are you an IT graduate too? Hahaha. It's really crazy, people are just so easy to assume.

    2. Nope, ComSci pero di pa po ako graduate. Base on this post, we kinda have lots of similarities :D

    3. Well, good luck with your studies! Our field is underrated they didn't know how hard it is.

      Hehe. Good to know we have similarities, I do think the same when I read your blog for the first time. I'm also in love with themed cafes too :) :D

  2. wow so cool post:-)

  3. "She has few friends, maybe she's rude and she's not easy to get along with."
    Yeah. I've been with (fake) friends for 4 years. They count the number of facebook friends you have or the number of likes you have in the pictures you post. *sigh* Nakakastress :((

    1. Haha. Don't be stressed! Their opinion doesn't really matter :)

    2. I got so fed up I deleted them XD

  4. "we didn't even tell you that you're so childish when you hit the bar and get drunk. Is maturity really measures on doing 'adult' stuff??? I don't think so."

    Ohh my, so right! You rule!

  5. I am also an anime lover...but I only watch sports like Haikyu and Music like K-On but I also watch other animes like Gintama.. :D
    Kapag animations pambata agad?Masyado na sila ahh..haha
    Estudyante Travels

    1. Hahaha. Ganon na nga, anime is for kids daw.
      Have you tried different genre aside from sports?

  6. Stereotypes will never leave us. Let's just ignore them and be ourselves!

  7. stereotypes suck. we are all so much more than these generalizations. Keep fighting the good fight!


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