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July 03, 2015

To my future self,

I know it is a crazy idea writing to you, because (obviously) we are one. But I guess we're not the same at all, the moment you read this five years later.

First, I wanted to describe you, cause there are chances that you'll forget about this in the long run. You are a lazy bum and can be a total pain in the ass. You love (cold) coffee and rainy days. You are kind in your own way. You have this special connection with old people and kids. You love watching classic movies. The Roman Holiday is one of your favorite right?

You've been through many hardships and no one knows it. Because that is the only choice you have that time. You're bubbly but you're quiet when it comes to sufferings, you endure it all by yourself. And that's how I know how strong you are.. you don't want them to feel the hurting, you take it all.
You never cry in front of the people who love you, not because you're keeping a "manly" image but because you know they'll be hurt to see you in such case.

But I hope, that now... 

you'll open up more. I now realize that you have a loving society you build around you. Trust them and release yourself to them. Stop hiding anymore. You are loved, you deserve it.

I hope you kept those beautiful relationships that you had. And I wished that no one walks away anymore. But if someone important caused you pain, please do yourself a favor and stop chasing that someone, let him/her go. You've been through this many times before, so don't consume yourself if the same situation happen now.

Be kind, you can never go wrong with kindness. It's a simple law of attraction - "What you are is what you attract" same as "Love your life and life will love you back"

You are not in High School anymore, there's no sense being the mean girl here. You won't win in life by being a Queen B ... movies lie.

Work hard for what you want and please learn to save!!! Money is important and you can't earn it by being a lazy bum. You need financial security for the future. You don't want your future kids to be hungry, do you? Meanwhile, increasing your earning potential doesn't mean you have to loss far more meaningful things in life (like time for your dog, facial treatment, movie dates), just keep it balance!

And last,

continue chasing your dreams. It might be hard but you always believe that you'll get there eventually. You have a long list of things you wan't to accomplish so don't ever stop working for them. I know some of your dreams seems to be impossible but remember ... there is also a list of things you thought were impossible before but you made it! (like, who would have thought you'll finish college when you're a lazy lazy cat?! haha) So, keep that faith and if ever you're feeling down and in doubt, just remember me - because I strongly believe in you.

Your 22 year-old self.


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