August 13, 2015

I can't remember when did our family started to adopt dogs. We always have a dog or two, or three .. and the number increases every time. These dogs became part of growing up. Some of them were forgotten, and there are few who stayed in my memory up to now. I remember crying the time we lost one of our dog named Pachuchay, and I even insisted on putting a huge stone above the spot on our backyard where he was buried, for me to not to forget where his body is. I was around 10 or 11 that time. It was so hard ...

But we moved on. Our family continue to grow through the years. But even so, I still haven't fully experience having MY own dog. I was never in-charged, I am just a part of the fun of having one. Until when I turned 21 ..

I received this little ball of fur as a birthday present from my boyfriend early in the morning. The photo above is our first photo together, obviously my hair is a big mess because I just woke up. But I was the happiest that time. huhu.
Although I didn't encourage anyone to practice giving pets as a gift - My boyfriend just happen to give it to the right person *cough* which is me *cough*

1. Adopt a pet ONLY when you're ready to be responsible of it.
2. If you really really really think that you're giving a pet to the right person, please think again and again and again and again or even ask the person if he/she really CAN have one.
3. A pet is a family - not something that you can give up once you realized that you can't take responsibility in the end.

I named him Hachiko, yes the ever loyal dog in Japan. (I know I sound lame but why not. LOL)
Everything has changed and the beginning is really the hardest part of it all.

Adjustments you have to go through at the beginning:

  • Of course, the dog wasn't familiar of me at first, so there are times that he aggressively bark at me. This is the number one thing to deal with. HUHUHU
  • You have to clean his crate once in a while.
  • The dog will be really really noisy on the first few nights. 
  • You have to save money for all the vaccines.
  • Hey, they love cords, plugs, and chargers!
  • Fur is everywhere!
  • Training phase: 1.) Where to pee  2.) Which is to eat and not to eat (Ex: underwear, money)                                                3.) Shake, Catch, Sit   4.) Constant scolding.

I also learned how to bathe Hachiko, trim his hair and cut his nails -which is the hardest. huhu. It's sometimes tiring and time-consuming but it was fun. And as the time goes by .. staring at him playing, sleeping or just simply sitting down feels so great. It was as if I'm doing a good job of taking care of him and all the hard times are worth it!

Suddenly you'll realize that you have this special connection only the two of you understands. And that the saying is true that ..

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"

Because we people have another people to count on, we have our friends and families..
but them? They only have us.

This is my Hachiko, greeting his only human early in the morning.

Since Hachiko came into my life, I was never alone and never felt alone. I always came home from work knowing that someone on the door is patiently waiting for me to come back. A beautiful creature who can't even speak but knows well enough the language of love.

He won't mind if I look ugly, didn't take a bath or if I have a bad taste in music. He still loves me and lick my face endlessly.

Now I can say that I don't mind being broke or having a messy house full of fur, and having to cut my leisure time to get home early and feed my dog.. everything is worth it.

I maybe tired and occupied but I never regret anything whenever I saw this sunshine. 

PS: Dogs are family, not food nor slaves.

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