August 17, 2015

A friend is there to keep us company or cheer us up and convince us to believe in ourselves. I have a few genuine besties whom I can count on, but the truth is; I was never really good at making friends.
Maybe because I am awkward and intimidating af.
I don't try hard at socializing and somehow content with the small circles I've made through out the years. But because of Rilakkuma PH, one person has been unexpectedly added to my short list of friends.

Last June I've received my second penpal package from Angelica! It was my birth month and I was the happiest when the delivery man came knocking at our door to give the parcel to me.

I've met Angelica through instagram, I saw her account while browsing #RilakkumaPh hashtag then after few comments, little conversations and likes, I felt the sudden urge to establish a community for us Rilakkuma collectors - I sent a DM to Angelica together with the other collectors on instagram regarding that matter. Thus made us the admin of Rilakkuma Ph on facebook!

"Keep on attaining your goals + aspirations in life!"
But Rilakkuma is just the start of our blooming friendship. We keep on updating each other about different matters in life. We share stories and frustrations. Then later on, we've decided to write snail mail to each other.
(Fuck off social media. LOL). 

In short, we clicked.

The parcel consists of:
Letters in beautiful stationary
Hair bows
Custom stickers
Sticky notes
Kawaii notebooks
Medicine containers
Rilakkuma envelope, bottle holder, luggage tags and socks. Huhuhu
Galatine candies and bear mallows - the Galatines are eaten immediately. bwahahaha
Kawaii shorts that really fits me well.

FYI: She lives in Vigan and I am here slouching in Bulacan. It's a long distance friendship but I am hoping to seeing her personally. 
Rilakkuma Ph meetup please?

Till our next exchange,
Gracias, Anj! :*

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  1. Such a sweet pen pal! And happy belated birthday to you! :D

    1. ( Oh my G! Weirdo in Pink noticed me! *u* )

      Thank you for the greetings!

      - one of your avid readers ;)

  2. Woaahh!!!! Rilakkuma ♥♥♥

    I know it's really late but still Happy Birthday to you :D

    Xx, Vanessa
    Ai ♥ Capture Memories

    1. It's okay. You're not late, you're early for next year! Hehe :3


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