August 10, 2015

On our last day in Singapore, we came back to Sentosa for one main goal: to ride the Sentosa Cable Car. Why? Because the boyfriend and I refused to do so on our first visit because he have a vertigo while I am a real pussy when it comes to height. #AcrophobiaProblems #GandaProblems
Meanwhile, my mother is also a little bit scared of heights but she still insisted that we should go back to Sentosa for the experience. Yep, experience = life.
We didn't regret it, and we're thankful up until now that we did it. If we weren't, we will not witness the beauty of Sentosa at night.

Photo spam below!

Trying his best to capture the cable cars

Huhuhu. Eto na J stand for = "Josko"
Trying to be calm. (Mama version)
Can't keep calm (Mama version)

Trying to be calm (my version)

Can't keep calm (my version)

Resorts World

Break-dancing for photo purposes. LOLOLOLOL

He won't allow me to be crazy by myself, he joined the bandwagon of "things-not-to-do-abroad"

Changing colors everytime! So pretty!

Photography level: 9999999

Meanwhile, on the Boardwalk ..

Colorful vibe. We blend in.

Yes, there are areas where you can sit. Actually, you can even sit on the floor to just simply stare at the buildings' lights.. and listen to the ocean in front of you. We saw some people gathered to just sit there and drink bottled beer with chips on the other hand. It was so relaxing, I can stay here forever and do what the locals do.
You can even carry your partner and throw at the ocean.. wait. what. hahaha
To end this post, here's mama's peg beside the gorgeous staircase - still taken at Sentosa Boardwalk. I so love this place.

Hope you enjoyed!

PS: I'm really trying best to finish all our travel entries already.

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