August 07, 2015


Just a lazy way of blogging, yup, photo spam it is! hahaha. Since I have a huge backlog of my travel entries, this must be the easiest and smartest way to finally complete my compilation of travel stories. #BestBloggerEver LOL. So, here is my photo diary of our Sentosa experience! Spam in 3.. 2.. 1 ... Enjoy!

First, let me show you this good-looking monkey who accompanied my mom and I.

We found Food Republic at Vivo City that offers cuisines from different countries. There's a huge variety that took us almost 30 minutes to decide which to eat. Hahaha. 
Sentosa Express
On our way to Sentosa, we saw this sign with lots of real potatoes! Sasha-chan will be glad.
Instead of riding the train, we opted for this moving walkway. 

Tourist-y photo, but the truth is .. we didn't go inside the Universal Studios. We've been at USJapan, our standards are high so we don't want to be disappointed. Hahahahaha

There's an attraction or museum (whatever it is) that allows you to climb - not literally tho, the top of the Merlion statue at Sentosa. There's another Merlion statue located at Marina Bay Sands in case you're a little confused.

The view above.
Bought my Singapore magnet as a souvenir.

Aaaahhh .. love the structure.

A half-a-building size ramen! Waaaaaaaah!!!

Sexy structure. Fetish.

You're in another country.. ofcourse, McDonald's!

Time to get back at the hotel, our feet are really tired. Hahaha

This photo is taken at the end of the Sentosa Boardwalk .. It is the pathway that you can use if you don't wan't to ride the train to Sentosa. We opted this one because (1) It's free. (2) The view of the ocean.

Getting back to Vevo City via Sentosa Boardwalk
Vevo City!

 After roaming around the mall and buying some stuff at Forever 21 I suddenly felt the urge of coming to the 4th floor. (-or 5th. Can't remember exactly) And my instinct is so great that we even found a DAISO branch! We shopped for our hotel needs.
Then after DAISO, with a little bit of walking, I spotted ...

Rilakkuma-kun! Waaaaaaaahhh...

And some other collector's/novelty items ..

Sentosa is gorgeous isn't it?
And so .. the spam ends here! But! I will be posting a part 2 - Sentosa At Night is coming up!
Hope you enjoyed. 

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  1. Wow. Rilakkuma!! I love rilakkuma...they are so cute. Awesome for collecting and gift.
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know if you follow me and I will follow you back. ~^^

    1. Hi!!!! Yes Rilakkuma is so cute.
      I would like to check your blog. BTW, where are you from?


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