August 11, 2015

Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569
Opening hours is 5:00am to 12m.n. daily

On our last day in Singapore, we decided to go to this Botanical Garden. It's a little bit far from Sentosa and other attractions, and even from our hotel, but transportation fare at SG is cheap so why not go? Plus, there's no entrance fee at the botanical. Yay!

I love the gate.. so mori! I'll have this exact replica of the gate in my future home - except the letters that says "Singapore Botanic... " of course! Haha

It's early in the morning and it's a little bit rainy that day, good thing I brought my hoodie along with me. I can make good decisions in life sometimes, hehe.

 The garden was huge but there is nothing much to see. Everything is the same aside from this banana tree! Look at that.

There's a restaurant inside the garden and we had our lunch there. We can't understand the menu and I ended up ordering a spicy noodle. Huhu. But it was delicious, though I am not really into spicy foods.

In this photo, you can notice that the sun is starting to pop up and I hate that.

Found a cute gazebo

Maybe we visited at the wrong season. The garden is almost empty and only few flowers are blooming.

Though, I was a bit tired from walking around and there's nothing much to see from the botanic garden.. still, it's a good thing. My mother really loves garden, and I was happy to see her having the time of her own, appreciating nature's beauty.

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  1. How about the orchids? I mean not the one in the entrance :) We've been there too last year... We haven't visited the gazebo part though. hehe

    Heheh.I haven't posted many photos.

    1. As I remember, there's a different entrance to the orchid garden, which means it isn't open for free. (not sure tho)

      Good to hear you've been there too :)


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