August 16, 2015

Another thing has been crossed out from by bucket list:
Seeing a real panda before I die.

It was the farthest place we've reached in Singapore. It took us one and a half hour to reach the place. How to get there? Click here.

Back to the days when I was still thin.

We rode the train to Ang Mo Kio station and we have to ride a bus from there.
Outside the station, we saw these festive themed horoscope signs..

The bus took us right to the Zoo. And this Sakura tree welcomed us!

There are restaurants and food stalls just beside the entrance and ticket booths.

Am I tall enough?

Gorgeous (fake) Sakura tree.

Fact: I really hate walking!

Finally ...

We've finally reached the area wherein kawaii pandas are to be found! The huge room was air-conditioned and the set up is so forest-y. I can actually live here and be lazy with the panda, please adopt me Singapore! huhuhu.

Oops, found you!

Hey, we're all waiting for you, come out already. Heeeeeeyyyy

There you go!

Oh you lazy panda, I want your job.

And just when I thought I've had enough knowledge about pandas.. I was wrong. It never occurred to me that red pandas exist!


Back to our main panda who was slouching and eating. What a life!

I should have ended this post here wherein I already posted the panda part. But, why not extend to the part where we rode a boat to the river?

On our way to the ..

This is the Amazon River Quest ride where you can see trees along the way. Yes, trees. LOL

But aside from trees, at least I've seen a flamingo in real life. Hahaha

To end this entry is my bae and I's photos at the souvenir shop.
PS: I think I'll be having a break from posting travel stories. It's getting boring. Any topic suggestion?

hope you enjoyed wasting some time on my blog :")

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