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NOTE: This is not a spoiler post, I promise.
I'm a fan of Shingeki No Kyojin anime but I am not here to rant about the live action. I'm seeing rage and frustrations all over saying that the live action is a mess but I am not here to join the bandwagon.

Point is, I like the movie plus the actress who played Hanji Zoe is for the win. (Sorry, Mikasa)

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I, myself too was unhappy when I heard the news that my bias - Levi was not included in the cast of the live action. They also released photos of the cast having different weapons aside from the 3D Maneuver gear. New names and faces were also included and the people behind the movie also said that it will be a little different from the anime.
So why are you people still surprised???? 
We are all warned. DUH.
You should have not watched the movie if you're not open with its changes! 

But to me, these changes are fair enough. Some people are just over reacting I guess or just simply hating because everyone is hating.

These changes are good in a way that you didn't know what will be next = "Thrill" or "Plot twist" as we call it.

And aside from Hanji Zoe, I also wanted to give credit to the portrayal of Eren in the movie, I don't really like the Eren in the anime wherein he's a little pussy. (ooops)

Overall, the movie is good, not as great as Rurouni Kenshin, but it's still good. The flow of the scenes were progressive, not boring - Its already ending before you know it!
And, it will not give you cancer unlike the Last Airbender and Dragon Ball Z! Hahaha


Brief message to my fellow fans:
1. Live actions are always different, given the fact that the airing time is shorter that the anime, they have to adjust. We all know it.
2. WE ARE WARNED. If you think you can't accept the changes and new characters, then don't watch if you'll complain about it afterwards - or don't watch at all.
3. If you want the same story, cast and every single detail, I advice you to watch ... the anime instead. Hello??

Message to the director/s and staff:
1. Please include Levi on part 2!
2. PLEAAAAASEEEE!!!! Onegaishimasu!


PS: I am not saying that you're going like/you must like the movie as much as I do. But think about the logic and the information given, and give it a try! :)

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