September 19, 2015

Awaji World Park Onokoro
8-5 Shiotaniijima, Awaji, Hyogo Prefecture 656-2142, Japan
Open everyday - 9:30am to 5:00pm

I can't provide you with details on how to go to Awaji because we didn't commute, otosan drives for us. Anyway, you can always search on Google! Common'

Here's what Japan looks like during that day: Scene 1 and Scene 2

The drive from Kyoto to Awaji is about 1 hour and a half, according to my memory. We grab our breakfast at a konbini (convenience store) along the way, we stopped by because the weather won't cooperate and we're heading to mountains. Japan is so awesome that you can cross plenty of mountains through their tunnels. 

It's my step-father who suggested that we visit Onokoro because of it's "miniature world" but aside from that, there's also a museum, rides and attraction, zipline and even crafting workshop that they offer. Too bad, the zipline and other rides wasn't open due to storm.


I was quite scared when I looked at the ocean while the rain is pouring so hard. #RememberTsunami? LOL (As you can see, I'm a midget. A super cute potato girl. Ha Ha)

Otosan and I both ordered meat spaghetti, the serving is enormous as usual.

This is what my mother ordered, I forgot the name of it tho. She always ask which is a restaurant's best seller and she often get a weird looking food ... but is always good.

Again, as I mentioned on my earlier posts.. my Japan trip happened a year ago and during those times, a monopod was still new to the Japanese people.. so imagine the amusement on their face whenever I bring out my monopod to do a selfie. Hahaha (in a silent voice "aaaahh .. sugoooiii")

 After eating, we roam around and accidentally entered a hall because the rain kept pouring and we don't want to get soaked. Inside, everything was surprisingly a feast in the eye ...

Everything inside was contributed by Kanetaka Kaouru, I didn't understand much but all I know is she's a travel journalist and these are all that she had gathered all over the world - Correct me if I am wrong.

According to my mother, this collection of seashells and pearls were from the Philippines!

Standing right beside these dolls from ...  ugh. I forgot! Haha.

Suddenly, the rain stopped for just a while.. we headed out. Here we go, miniature world of Onokoro!

I'm the titan, I'm gonna eat all of you peasants!


Can you see the mountains behind me? Ahh .. what a sight!

Plus, there is so many things to be found indoors:

Totoro is here too.

And the last thing to do? Buy stuff that are 'only-in-Awaji'
Guess what? Awaji is famous for their ...  onions! Yes onions.
There are many crazy products that they offer including onion face wash.

Onokoro souvenir store. 

And here is our Onokoro purikura to end this post. #TooMuchKawaii Hahaha

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