September 19, 2015

I'm not a fan of the sea. It's beautiful, yet intimidating. There's a mystery in what's hidden deep down there, it's dark, and dangerous. Though I'm always fond of mysteries.. I am just so fucking scared of oceans. 

Mother Lake Biwa/Biwako Shiga Prefecture, Japan 
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It was my step-father's idea that we should try cruising before I went back to Philippines. It's my first time to ride a ship and it happened at Japan. Gakko! (cool)
We choose the Michigan Night Course wherein we have 2-hour cruise at the lake. Here are some photos:

This is it! Here we go

And this is the Bianca Cruise
I'm really good with panorama *sarcasm*

I can swim but I am always afraid of the sea and its creature. During the whole cruise I can only imagine sharks and ‘sea monsters’ .. and piranas of course! haha.But the experience is thrilling and relaxing at the same time.

Here's what the bar looks like. There is a little musical show but we didn't have photos cause our phones and cameras unfortunately ran out of batteries - all at once!

We just ordered snacks because we are still full from the buffet we had. (photos will be posted at the last part)

There are some other foreigners crusin with us and there is a wedding ceremony happening on the second floor! (i don’t have decent photos of course - cause I'm a great blogger. Hahaha. But you can see it on the next photo .. )

And its a wrap! Indeed a great experience, will definitely do it again.

The Buffet
before the cruise

Sorry but I forgot the name of the Buffet Resto. Huhu. Although it was located inside the Kuzuha Mall - which is my favorite mall (the entire mall have carpeted floors BTW!)

Do-it-yourself parfait!

Do-it-yourself waffles!

Til my next entry.. bye bye for now! :)

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