September 19, 2015

Fushimi Inari Taisha
Southern Kyoto, Japan

One of the most important shrines in Japan, dedicated to the god of foxes, rice, sake and tea - the Inari Okami. Maybe you've been seeing photos of this shrine more often than the others because of its well-known vermilion tori gates. And I am lucky enough to be there and witness its beauty up close

The boldness of the colors represents Japan in a perfect way. Fortunately, my mother lives in Kyoto so we have the chance to "Otera-hop" (is there even a word like that? haha). This is the city where modernization meets culture, great combination it is.

Getting there:
The travel time between Kyoto station to Inari station is just 7 minutes via JR Nara line.
From Inari station, you just have to walk for about 2 minutes to get to the shrine.

souvenir shops are along the way

They said, Inari is also known for soy products - this explains these tofu soft ice cream. I tried them immediately and the flavor is superb.
Panorama shots:

The water/cleansing area:

Every otera(shrines) in Japan have this water area where you must wash your hands and mouth before proceeding to the main shrine.

If you're planning to visit Japan soon, I think you should be aware of the proper behavior and learn ways of showing respect not only to the shrines and its rituals, but also with the people.

(you can read some guidelines here)

Tori-shaped ema

This is it.. the path of the thousands tori gates.

But, to break your expectations, I would like to remind you (future comers) that it is very difficult to capture a perfect photo without someone photobombing you.

up close to the meticulously carved writings

It's a little late so we've decided not to finish the path of tori gates, but according to some blogs I've read, the tori gates will lead you up to the top. Therefore, after the very long walk you'll be able to see a stunning scenery of Kyoto as a reward from walking .. maybe?

Ahhhh .. the peace in the atmosphere and the beautiful ambiance is in a perfect balance to just sit back and contemplate.

Glimpse of Kyoto Station

We got the chance to climb the highest part of the Kyoto station and witnessed the panoramic view of the city - for free!

Note: this is a train station, not an airport.

Til next time, Kyoto! :*

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