HONG KONG DAY 2 (Part 1)

September 04, 2015

Day 2 Itinerary:

The Peak
Madame Tussaud's

Kowloon Park
Avenue of the Stars - at night

This photo was taken just in front of our hotel. Our first destination for the 2nd day is the Peak Tram and we were advised by a local that we should go there first thing in the morning if we didn't wanted to join the tourist crowd. Lucky for us, the Peak Tram station is just a walking distance from the hotel!

Uyy. Pa-tweetums while waiting for mama to come out of the hotel.

It took us 15 minutes to finally get there. Walking is a little bit tiring but it was a good way to bond and exercise as well. (Exercise? Who am I kidding? LOL)

We don't have any idea of what is waiting for us at the top, all we know is that we're going to ride a train/tram for sightseeing. Haha!

By the way, this is the tram on the outside perspective. The only way is up, there's no turning left nor right.. imagine how steep that ride is! And say hi to my acrophobia!

Source: https://wanderable.com/hm/markandrich

We are all in awe when we saw the view above and the idea of a little city at the top of Hong Kong is really amazing. This is my favorite part of the trip! If I live in this country, I'll definitely visit this place more times than a normal person will do


This is the Peak Tower and at the top of it is the Sky Terrace 428 - The highest platform in Hong Kong where you can view the country in 360 degree panorama. Inside the building you can find shops, restaurants, money changers, etc.

By the way, the admission fee for the Sky Terrace is (HK)$48

To know more about The Peak Tram, Sky Terrace and The Peak Tower, click here.

The weather in Hong Kong is already cold, what more if we're at the highest area of Hong Kong?
That's why I opted ramen for breakfast. There is a 7-11 at The Peak Galleria but too bad the staff was rude. I didn't mean to generalize but most of the crew/staff we encounter at Hong Kong are impolite. 
Yelling at the customer, showing irritation, throwing temper to customers like it was a normal thing.
At first we are shocked, but when we noticed that it's kind of normal to the locals, we just laugh it off. LOL! 
(Hi to the McDonald's staff who literally banged the menu in my front while yelling at me. Huhu)

Moving on ..

Cutie :") I envied this scene. I want to bring Hachi next time we go out of the country.

After breakfast, and souvenir shopping, we headed to our next stop, 
which is also inside the Peak Tower.

Madame Tussauds!

Madame Tussauds showcases wax sculptures of famous people. You can also see the behind-the-scenes in the museum and how every sculptures were meticulously done. Celebrities were measured from their height, to the size of their arms, and even measurements of their fingers are accurately noted.

Most of the figures were unfamiliar to us, they were figures of Hong Kong celebrities so I'll just post my personal faves and the perfectly made ones.

Even the dead were here. Haha

Lady Gaga at her earlier peg.
I'm a fan BTW
 Meanwhile, there's also a collection of superhero and other character wax sculptures

Ooops! This post is taking soooo long.

Hope you enjoyed :)

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