HONG KONG DAY 2 (Part 2)

September 08, 2015

As promised, here is the continuation of our Day 2 in Hong Kong. For the first half, I blogged about The Peak and Madame Tussauds, and for now, I am bringing you the .... 
Kowloon Park and Avenue of the Stars!

After spending half of our day at The Peak, now we're back to invade the land! (Not literally tho)
Next stop?  Kowloon Park.

A maze garden ala Alice in Wonderland. But to be honest, it's not as pretty as what we saw on the internet photos. The moment I saw it in person, I was like ...  "that's it?"

We didn't have the chance to see more of the park because it's getting a bit late, and we don't want to waste time sightseeing on a park in the dark. That doesn't make sense.
Instead, we look for the way out.

Poinsettia again! Hehe 

"The night is young and the city started to sparkle"

Found our way out and do a little walking at the streets of Kowloon. Here you'll find market stalls, tiny restaurants, hawker foods, etc. 

Champoy heaven for MAMA MIA!

When you see it

Tried their version of ramen but no, Japan still owns the crown.

However, this one variety is really delicious I just didn't know what is this called. Haha. 

Ladies Market by night the best place to shop for pasalubongs! 
After an hour or so of eating and roaming around Kowloon, the team decided to take a short train ride to Tsim Sha Tsui before finally heading back to hotel.

Just to witness this ..

Everything is sparkling above the ocean.

Lovely Hong Kong, seeing this feels surreal. 

"When I saw this sabi ko, 'Parang hindi totoo' Parang painting in motion. Parang isang gigantic screen! Feast in the eyes talaga. You'll see lively lights that seems to be dancing above the sea.♡ Thanks God I'm not blind, and I'm able to see wonders of the earth just like this one."

And the best part is?
I'm with the two of my favorite people, thus makes it all perfect.

With love,

L E N  ♡ 

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