September 10, 2015

Changed my perspective of "should be" the happiest place on earth. This blog post may consist of rants. Whatever. I will just tell what we've experienced.

The Disney MTR Line

Inside of the train.. we look like were troubled here.

I love the structure of the Disney MTR Station, it has some European vibe.

I'm in love with the mountains.. So, mori and foxy eh?

Obligatory tourist shot. Haha. Spot Rilakkuma

The photo above indicates the start of our frustrations. See? Did you notice that something went wrong? These Chinese seems to be joking us by building this castle.. I mean, what the fuck is that? The image in my mind about Disneyland is the extravagant and gorgeous castle, but after seeing this we kept on mumbling:

"THAT'S IT?!!!!"
Seriously, we feel betrayed.

We wander around thinking that maybe there is more to look forward and that we have to move on and forget that terrible castle. But there is nothing so special here. It feels like we're just in an ordinary theme park and not Disneyland.

And also, the vibe of the people or the whole environment is so plain and dull. Where is that happiest place they're talking about since I was a kid?? Huhuhu. Universal Studios Japan is a lot more better and 4x wider plus the crowd is livelier and to add up frustrations.. USJ is surprisingly cheaper! Ha! If ever we go back in Hong Kong in the future, Disneyland won't be on the list of places to visit anymore. Sorry, not sorry.

To make up with all the shit, we just roam around to take photos.
(Our outfits have changed. I won't tell you why. Hahaha)

But this Turkey leg is my favorite part of the day. Atleast there is something I enjoyed. Haha. Food never fails.

Flying away .. byeeeeeee. The castle is really crazy I can't stop complaining.

At night ...

Read this post by Kaila for you to understand where my rants are coming from. Huhuhu..

PS: You've been warned. Yes, you're welcome.

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