September 16, 2015

Flowers don't compete .. but they bloom.

Kyoto Botanical Garden
Shimogamohangicho, Sakyo-ku
Kyoto 606-0823Kyoto Prefecture

I walk through a garden on this warm sunny day together with mama and ninang Juvy, a family friend. Once in a while, it feels good to be closer to nature... but honestly, I hate the sun (I don't like anything hot.. even in food.) yet I did come anyway. My mother is fond of flowers, and I neither reject the idea nor go gaga over it. My feeling towards anything botanical is just .. plain and neutral. But after looking at the photos I've taken during our stroll, I just came into realizing things ..  about flowers actually.

Some flowers have thorns, some have weird smell, others bloom in the most unexpected places, and they don't have uniformity in color .. but they're still flowers with different beauty and grace.
Beauty differs. It comes in different colors, sizes, race, age. You didn't have to be the same with the majority to be beautiful.

Most gardens are filled with variations of flowers, but they're planted at the same soil, enjoying the same sunlight, swaying with the same whip of the wind.
Maybe if we started looking at what's the same instead of constantly pointing what we lack that others have.. life will be easier on us. 

They're fragile. They are carefully tucked into the flower bed, they're being watered almost everyday, they are given fertilizers, and most are sold expensively.
There are times that we forgot how valuable we are, and tend to reject any kind deeds from others (thinking that we are not worth it). Why not treat ourselves a little more special? Cultivate possibility and realize your own worth.  

Here's to the person feeling down today:
Learn to live like you're a little, gracious flower.
Enjoy the air, the sunlight and the kindness the world is offering you.
Do not compare your flaws nor strengths
You are planted here with a purpose.
You are admired,
and seeing someone with a brighter color doesn't mean you are less beautiful.

Flowers don't compete .. but see? they bloom.

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