If you know me personally or been reading my blog, maybe you already know that I am .. *cough* uhm .. an artist. But I am a lazy and a shy one. I wasn't even comfortable labeling myself as an artist, It feels awkward. Really.

Here are some of my works lately, including the one above.

More after the line break ...

From this, to this ..

Lately, I find myself in the creative state. It was such a long time since I've touch a pen or a brush or a mouse for creating something artistic. It has been a year? or two? I am not sure how long I've forgotten that I own a creative hand. I lost my interest and been stuck in a box.

But these past few days, whenever I am bored at work, and tired of paper works, I played so much with Photoshop and ended up doing vexel art. #EmployeeOfTheYear Woooooh!

I discovered this form of art when I was in college. It was fun, and there are so many things you can do with digital art. The best part is, you can undo mistakes!

I fell in love with Photoshop and with my mouse - I don't get along with pen tablet so all of my works were the fruit of my hand's mighty relationship with the mouse. LOL

All is getting well, until I realized that I wanted to go back to basics.. quit the digital and turn back to paper. But it feels so unfamiliar and new to me.

It is weird because I am doing this since I was in Grade 1. Yet I've forgotten how to do it in just a span of a year or two.

Maybe because I've lost interest for a long time? Or did I just fell out of love with the idea of art without me noticing it? Hay, Drama. Hehe

I tried watercolor, oil pastels, charcoal, color pencils, etc. But nothing works best, all is fair and good, but not 'best'. My inner artist dilemma? Recognizing my real forte. #MasterOfNone

Quick sketch at the office

I even tried OOTD Illustrations (Color Pencils) and Calligraphy (Sign Pens)

I know I am still far from being a Gustav nor an Abbey Sy.
But I will still continue to experiment until I find my best formula.
This post is to remind me that I shouldn't deprived myself from art.
that I should improve,
and should cultivate thy hands ..

This is what I claim from now on:
I am an artist. A lost artist.

Goodluck to me. (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥


  1. An artist, chef, photographer, dancer, writer and a good friend. What can't you do?

    1. Huhuhu. that "good friend" comment for the win! :")

  2. Great! I love your hand letterings the most!


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