October 01, 2015

CK Hub
2F Violago Plaza, Baliwag, Bulacan
Everything was unplanned. The other day I was just talking about how stressful my life is and how I'm dealing with it and now seems like God is hearing my rants! Huhuhu. I don't know what kind of magic happened that day, I just found myself chilling in a comfy cafe on a weekday. What a refreshing break, it isn't even a holiday! 
I am a robot when I left the house that morning, thinking of the hours I have to spend at the office, then suddenly on my way, I told my boyfriend (aka driver) to bring me to the nearest hospital! LOL.
I don't know. I have this urge to have my eyes checked because I've been suffering from severe headaches from a long time. I am feeling dizzy and my eyes hurt.

After learning that I have astigmatism and needed to wear specs, I immediately ran to Executive Optical. I don't know what to feel with the fact that I have to do this already, is it payback time? For all the abuse I've done with my eyes - and body - during my younger years. Ugh! But at least I've ended up choosing the sexiest eyeglasses. Hahaha #SpecsGoals

All my life I've been contented with my eye vision, I thought I was seeing clear/fine until I got to wear my glasses. My world suddenly turned into HD! Hahaha. That moment I realized I am happy, not because my eyes are starting to suck, but because I know I have done something for myself again. Feels good that I've made this decision.

Seafood carbonara is the bomb!

After hours of waiting for my eyeglasses to be done, I decided to go to this cafe that I've seen on Facebook - CK Hub. The place is very hipster and there's a long black couch area where I prefer to sit. It feels like Sunday to me, with no work and worries and events to attend to. - Just ME time.
I'm not a paper cup, I'm human, fragile human.

After eating, I went straight home thinking of my laundries(!)
But I decided to watch kalyeserye first. HAHAHA (its a noontime TV program in my country)
I fell asleep after watching, and to my surprise .... I woke up at 9PM!

My whole day is breath of fresh air! This didn't happen to me for a long time now, and I'm glad I finally catch a break from all the craziness.

Simple joys, fragile human. :")

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  1. God really has His simple ways in making things better for us. He always finds a way. :)

    ♡ Louise |


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