Would you believe that I'm currently creating this post on my phone and, at 1:00 in the morning??! My routine is becoming unusual, and when I say unusual, I am not exaggerating! Plot twist: I just finished cleaning the house. Yes, at 1:00 AM.
The video I posted (which isn't related to my entire post at all) happened last month. I just saw the videos yesterday on my phone and I decided to VideoShow it last night before sleep.

Things are becoming difficult.
My body is getting tired and I'm lacking a lot of sleep. 

And for the sake of updating this blog, I'll just write my thoughts and/or what is happening in my life right now:

  • Life is easier when you're younger
  • I miss eating homecooked food. Tilapia, pechay, gising gising.. 
  • I tried to care about my views on blogger, but I just don't. LOL.
  • Why is Attack on Titan 2nd installment wasn't shown in SM Cinema Baliwag???
  • I really love the lavender scent. Now, it was all over the house!
  • I'm tired
Can I sleep now? Hahaha

PS: Hope you guys at least enjoyed the video. 
(the 3rd bullet is an irony to my last sentence - haha)

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