November 04, 2015

It's already November and I still can't keep calm!
2015 has been the ultimate year of changes for me and I'm stuck on the adjusting phase for a loooooong time. Been a busy ass all year. And if you'll ask how am I right now? I can't give you a definite answer. Just a "meh"

I am just glad that the nature of my job is so cool that I even had the chance to blog and do personal things while working (or not working at all. Hahaha)
Seriously, I am at my most relaxed self here at work than on my own house where all I have to think of is my laundries! So yeah, most of the time my thoughts were:
"Oh God, it's 3 weeks already.. I haven't had the chance to wash my clothes"
"Hachiko's not taking a bath yet"
"My room is the gateway to Narnia, I can't even see where my razor at"
"Where the fuck is my glasses?"
"Where is my money? do I have money?"
"What will I cook for tomorrow? Oh, I almost forgot - McDonald's was on my speed dial. HAHAHA"

But I am getting used to this life I'm living right now. There's no escape so I guess I just have to endure enjoy it. Although It's still hard for me to budget my money, I always ended up broke. Hahaha. About the house chores + financial and legal matters, everything is becoming less consuming because of my monkey. I'm going to credit you here hun. hehehe. Thank you for taking care of Hachi, bringing me food, hanging laundries and washing the dishes.

There are also things that I'm missing from my old life ..
 The short nap just when I arrived from work.. without thinking of what my dinner will be. I miss you tita Abet and your superb cooking skills. T_T
 Lian, (my crazy nephew) and her antics! I miss your school stories bby girl.
(Just recently, she told me that her school bag was confiscated because she brought a pillow at school! #ThugLife HAHAHA)
 The high level of energy that I have before.. Now I am always weary.
 Saturdays and Sundays - that are used to be my rest day. Now, what is rest??
 I miss my worry-free self
 .. oops, and my dyed hair too. LOL
I also miss this gelato!

But looking on the bright side, at least I have learned plenty of things this year. (Even if my mom was so hardcore to let me learn things the hard way! all. the. freaking. time.)

I learned how to cook, how to manage my time, how to talk/arrange things with certain people, I also learned some housekeeping hacks, how to be more conscious of my safety and security - But most of all, I learned the importance of family and relationships

As days pass by, I am becoming more grateful than ever - so grateful that I am enduring life alone, and the hardships of 'adulting'. I have concluded, that the adults that I came to live with (my whole life) were doing a tough job.. and now it's my turn to be one.

Seize the moment young individuals, it's so good to be young.

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