December 04, 2015

It took me so long to write something in here. November has been so jam-packed that I didn't know where to begin this post. In some parts of the world, it is the last month of autumn but sadly, we don't experience fall in my country. (Hint: I am looking at Japan-related posts at this moment and all I see are autumn maple leaves! Huhu) 
Scrolling through my phone gallery, I was thinking where did my November go? 

Anyway, half of the time I was busy arranging some papers for a future plan - I can't spill yet. I strongly believe in jinx so it will be a secret for the mean time. For now, I am focusing on work plus few projects left before our Christmas party and I'll be finally free!!!! (- hopefully) But before this talk goes elsewhere, here are the highlights of my November:

✿ HappyLand 

This is related to my 'secret assignment'. I needed to step out of the town and have a breath of fresh polluted air. I traveled solo from Bulacan to Manila. Ugh. I always hated Manila. - I hate the system of commuting. The traffic, rush hour, MRT, pollution, heat, smell and the feeling of being unsafe. Don't get me wrong, there's so many things I love about my country and the city is just not one of them: cause Manila just favors the rich not the poor nor the commoners.

Good thing there is HappyLand ..

HAPPYLAND, 2F Main Mall - SM City North Edsa

Happy but expensive land it was. Haha! I bought some things for my 2016 planner and my first Rilakkuma luchbox. Next on my list: Rila apron!

And to keep my nerves cool with all the shock I'm experiencing with regards to commuting, I ate this St. Marc Cafe's Madonna ice cream before heading to my real destination.

✿ Greenhills with office mates 

Just a fun day consists of: eating, watching, shopping and AlDub billboards sight-seeing. Hahaha! Felt so lucky to be working with old and experienced people, but were still young-at-heart. Love you Ma'am A's! 

✿ Jaybert's Birthday 

Celebrated Jaybert's birthday like we're kids. We went to Pampanga together with his family. No big celebration and cheesy greetings, just quality time. A little shopping, sightseeing and eating saved the day.

Skyranch Pampanga

✿ Ventures of the Vixen Shop - Instagram Launch 

Re-launched the VOTV shop on the second week of November. The shop offers more of kawaii items from Japan such as Sanrio products and of course, Rilakkuma! I also include a dainty series of charms and other planner items. Interested? Follow VOTV shop on instagram: @shop.venturesofthevixen 
Hand-painted planner dashboard

✿ Celebrated a relationship 

I'm still thinking if I'm gonna share this on an individual post. But now, here it goes ..
This is my man and I, on a cozy cafe.. celebrating life. (but NO. I am not pregnant. That is not a pun. Hahaha)

The list of November highlights ends here. 

I am so occupied that I didn't noticed December approaching. What's important is that I am happy in wherever I am now. I am spontaneously busy from the start of 2015 up to this date, but it is now that I finally felt contented and accomplished.

PS: I also noticed Hachiko's change of behavior during the past month. He's becoming lazy, doesn't want to get out of the room in the morning (ignoring my call), and he sleeps and eat more! What is happening my baby mini fox?

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  1. Your November seems to be full of wonder! So glad you find your Happy Land. And that Madonna ice cream is what I want to try out next. :)

  2. Yes it really is! although I really wanted to experience an autumn. Haha.

    Try the ice cream it's worth the Manila hassle! :)

  3. Waahh... Happy Land ♥♥♥ It seems you had a great November. Good luck with all your plans Ron.

    Vanessa | Ai ♥ Capture Memories

    1. Thanks Vanessa! Hope that plan won't be jinx 👍

  4. Your November didn't go anywhere :D
    It seems that you have plenty of activities last November :D
    Mac | Estudyante Travels


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