December 28, 2015

Blair Waldorf's room (Gossip Girl)

Every girl wanted a room of their own. Filled with pieces that are personally picked, and will express what kind of a person she is. As a teenager, I always imagine having a room as pretty as Blair Waldorf's - dainty and classy.

Later on I realized that the room that I wanted is too savage and doesn't fits me well. Also, the reality is, I am not an organized individual to manage such a pretty room. Hehehe. Blair's room is just too good to be true.. Plus, Blair doesn't exist in real life.

I admit, my room is closest to Narnia most of the time. Especially now that I didn't have enough time to declutter. Given the fact that I am a busy person, another factor that keeps me from attaining the room that I want is my lack of motivation. Good thing, I discovered these two girls who have the ultimate #roomgoals


Image source: @nathalieadeline on instagram
I really admire how she pulled up a shabby chic bedroom.

Combination of pastel hues, dainty pieces and a shih tzu to complete the kawaii-ness. - Her room is perfect!

Next ..


With so many things inside her crib, how can she manage to keep it this clean and .. classy? It will be a disaster with me! I'm impressed with her maintenance skills.

Moreover, the fact that she can combine kawaii and classy is the major turn-on here. 


So, to girls out there who are as lazy as I am when it comes to cleaning up, I suggest you to follow these two lovely girls for inspiration!

And if you know someone who can also give us some room inspo, just kindly leave a comment.

Big thanks!

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  1. Thanks ,all these are inspiring. I think I want donuts on my bed too. ( cut the craving ?)

    1. Yup! And there are many options aside from donuts like ... Pizza bed sheets haha!

  2. Oh my gosh!! I especially love KRISTELLE's room design. Thanks for sharing. Huhu I'm thinking of redesigning my room. :)

  3. Those are really ideal rooms. I really want a nice and beautiful room someday when i can finance myself already. Hehe.

  4. Everything is so cute and kikay and I love it! Thinking about redesigning my room and these photos will be so helpful, thanks so much for sharing! :)

    1. Good luck on your room revamp in the future! Don't forget to check Pinterest for ideas too. :)

  5. The nail polish bottles really caught my attention and reminded me of how my bottles are scattered everywhere in my entire house! Me, I dream of a hotel-like room.

  6. beautifully designed and meticulously picked trinkets inside the room..Those that i love so much! And the colors are so girly.. Love all these! :)

  7. I'm sharing a room with my sister and I know she'll love the second one. Although as much as I want to do that one asap, I have to save up yet.

  8. For my own room, I want my own 40" TV, gaming area, book area and a fridge.

  9. I love the 3rd concept!! Very clean and minimalist. Thank you for sharing xx

  10. These are very cute room inspirations (Insta-worthy rooms!) but too girly for me. I'm more of the bohemian type so my room is more likely to look like a gypsy summer tent. Hehe.

  11. This is just like a princess dream. Vibrantly styled , loved the concept!

  12. True I am on of those people who can't maintain a clean room! Ha Ha Ha! I love the donut pillows and the pink room though its too girly for me. I'll go for the kawaii and classy one.

  13. I love to have that kind of room. Someday when me and my husband can buy a house I know where will I get my inspiration.


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