December 19, 2015

The Greenery is a hidden instagram-worthy place in Baliuag, Bulacan owned by former Mayor Lando Salvador. I've been here several times when I was younger but the place was a whole lot different back then compared to what it looks like today. Many things have been added, some parts were renovated but there are also other things that remained the same, like the train and the lighthouse. (which I didn't manage to take a photo #bloggerfails)

After years of not seeing The Greenery, I am in awe of finally witnessing how it silently progress. The photo above used to be a clean small canal and now it looks like a fine resort.

Yes there are non-residential houses all with cable installed and air-conditioned! #HASYENDAGOALS
And to show you how my eyes enjoyed everything in there, here's a photo spam .. to lessen my talk:

My mori heart is melting.

I can live here forever. This is my definition of a perfect home! My forest-y heart didn't ever wanted to leave The Greenery.

By the way, this is the lighthouse.
If you're wondering how the heck did I get inside this paradise when (almost) no one was here - The owner of The Greenery is an alumnus of the University where I'm working and he invited us to held our department's Christmas party here. Yay!

Plus, the catering is great I was so full our whole stay. Hehe.

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  1. This is a very nice places Len! Too bad it's not open to the public.

    Vanessa | Ai ♥ Capture Memories

  2. wow that place is so amazing!!!
    and it's so cute that your mouse is shaped as a tea cup hehe

  3. wow that place is so amazing!!!
    and it's so cute that your mouse is shaped as a tea cup hehe

    1. Yes, pretty place indeed. :)
      Thanks for complimenting my little tea cup. Actually, to me its rather a coffee. Hahaha


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