January 27, 2016

If you are a reader of this blog, you'll notice the change of it's design and content. This used to have a cute layout now, I made it black and white. And what's with the sudden turn?

I thought that, the girly artificial image I tried to pull off earlier last year was inappropriate for me already. Too old for all things kawaii and this lively and close to perfect aura is not and will never be me.
I realized, that the truest part of this little space of mine in the internet lies in the about section.. that this blog, will help me to find myself. And how am I gonna do that if I'm filtering what to reveal? If I'm holding myself back from uttering every wild thoughts on my mind from time to time?

I was discontented of this Ventures of the Vixen thingy - narrating just the happy days of travels and eating desserts. There's more about me to love (and to hate. IDC. lol)

I gained numbers of followers in Tumblr waaaay back then. But I shut it down for reasons that.. 1. I believed my blog was a trash. 2. It's TOO PERSONAL and I should stop sharing my intimate secrets and every stuff in my life. - But now, I guess I was somehow wrong?
I've made my way back to blogging earlier last year with blogspot. And told myself that this time I must be different. I should filter what I post - thinking that it is the better way.
But no. By posting only the good will make a stranger's point of view a whole lot different from what is real. - They might be thinking that I have a perfect life. And I don't want that.

Now I ask myself, why do I even start blogging?

  • I am not comfortable to talk about everything to a person. So I guess, I have to have an outlet. I obviously don't have many friends so creating a blog is a good option to let it all go.
  • I want to document my life. The places I've been, the memorable events, and the things I find amusing at a certain moment.
  • I have to practice my weak HTML skills
  • I have a short memory span. This blog can help me remember what happen and when.
So yeah, as simple as that.

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About Ronalene

I am a teacher by profession from Bulacan, Philippines.
I blog about my life in general -
I document my travels, little advocates, adulting process and the art of slow living.
I'm an introverted extrovert so please don't ask me to make beauty vlogs. Thank you.