February 07, 2016

February 14 is approaching and for single ladies/gentlemen out in the blue, it might be the worst time of the year. Maybe you are with a broken heart, get dumped, rejected, cheated on or vice versa, or you still haven't met your Valentine (and you're pressured because you are 22 and still don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend), whatever reason you are single this Valentine's Day I know you are consumed with thoughts on how are you supposed to spend that freakin day.

I can help you.

I may not be in the position to give you stupid ideas, but why not? Who else can you ask? Your mother? ... Your ex? LOL

So here's the suggestions from a girl in a relationship for 3 years but still thinking of helping the single squad - You're welcome!

Seize the day! Don't let it go away without being happy!


Go out with your family.
Ask them if they have any plans. One of your siblings might have a date, or your parents have plans of getting out on their own.. but if they don't have any, then you can date as a family!

▪ If your family have individual plans, then gather your BFFs who are also single. Invite them at home and cook pasta, eat ice cream, play parlor games, drink wine, get crazy. #SingleGirlsClub

Pamper yourself. Go to spa and have a full body massage. Get a facial treatment or a new hair color. Manicure and pedicure will also do. The key is.. #LoveYourself

▪ Or if you really wanted to stay away from dating couples; stay at home. Download and watch movies. But please forget the genres that will make you sad, namely: drama and romance. Don't torture yourself, watch comedy instead.

▪ But in case torturing yourself will make you happy (what are you? a masochist?), torture yourself in a more pleasant way (what am I even saying). Since Valentine's 2016 is a Sunday, why don't you go to church and pray to God to take all the weight in your heart? Ask Him to help you forgive (that someone or yourself). Pray that all the hatred will be gone from now.
Then buy a balloon, write that one last message for that someone, pour all your bitterness in that letter and knot it with the balloon then let it flyyyyy.


Don't get drunk and call your ex. Don't message him/her that you are lonely you're not together this Valentine's day. A big NO.

Don't be mad at happy couples, it's not their fault you're single anyway. Stop posting stupid statuses on facebook such as: "Happy Independence Day" or "Fuck every person in a relationship". Stop dissing couples while saying "maghihiwalay din kayo" Gosh, that is so 2010! And you're only making yourself look stupid.

Do not thirdwheel. Just don't - that's awkward.

Do not stalk your ex, or your crush or that girl who friendzoned you. That's just wrong.

▪ Last, do not let yourself be sad and bitter. Cheer yourself up. Don't wish other people to feel the same way as you do. Instead, you can be happy that they are happy.

February 14 is a day to celebrate LOVE, and love can't only be found in romantic relationships, it comes in so many forms!
Therefore, you can share the love with your family, friends, yourself or even with your dog.

PS: Valentine's Day is NOT EXCLUSIVE for people in a relationship.

Joyeux Saint Valentin ♡

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  1. "Valentine's Day is NOT EXCLUSIVE for people in a relationship." I said something similar few years ago. Now I want to shoot myself for saying that >_< hahaha!

  2. ok i don't have to worry i'm single huh

    1. It's not the end of the world.. so yeah :)

  3. Married here but hubby works abroad so, this 2/14 is something ( need to forget! lol! Just kidding, since then, we don't really celebrate v-day with bonggang flowers and chocolates, just greet each other. Now that we're away, it's the same thing we'd do.

    1. same here, we just buy/cook food and watch movies at home. Nothing grand. But it feels good anyway. :)

  4. Valentine's day is also for loved ones and friends. very good advice.

  5. All hail the singles club! *raises hands* It's a good thing I work at home. Definitely no plans of going out that day and save myself the agony. Haha! I'll probably spend the day watching my favorite series with a facial mask on. \m/

    1. with a facial mask on. Great idea :D

    2. That's sounds fun! Even I'm not single, I am also too lazy to get out on Valentines. suck it. hahaha

  6. Now happily married but I remember when I was still single, every Valentine's Day I just stayed home and binged watch my favorite series. Better than be bitter!

  7. I am destined to land on this page haha
    yes I agree.. you do not necessarily need a date for Valentines because there are many ways to celebrate it... Me, i will celebrate it with my mom and my sister.. we will visit the Hot air balloon festival and enjoy the rest of the day....
    there's no reason to become bitter this valentines day hehe

    1. Enjoy your day with your family.. it's a nice plan btw. I always wanted to visit Clark for that festival. *envious stare* huhu. Have fun!

  8. Valentine's certainly gives mix of attentions to people. Single ladies, treat valentine's as normal day; wd can show love in any time of the year. :) 💙

  9. I find this funny, sorry but it really is. Why? Because this is so true. Most people especially the teenagers think that Valentines Day is for lovers - boyfriends/girlfriends and married couple. The Don'ts are on point. Im definitely sharing this to my friends who are also single. I'm a single mom but celebrating Valentines day with my son :)

  10. Valentines is important for me because it is the only day I'm actually free to watch Deadpool haha. Great post!

  11. Great post!😃You need to be in a relationship to celebrate the hearts day!😃

  12. Awesome post you have here. I'm definitely going out with my family this V-day! :)


  13. I used to celebrate Valentine's day with my family :) Valentine's day is not just about romance.

  14. Nice guide! Thank you very much for sharing Valentine’s Day party ideas for singles. I am single too and hosted a party this year at one of best venues in Atlanta. It was a girl’s only party and everyone enjoyed a lot there.


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