February 09, 2016

I just noticed that it was quite some time since I posted about Rilakkuma. Honestly, I am slowly drifting away from the Rila-fever and slightly lost my interest about the thing. Here, I wanted to refresh my inner Rilakkuma-lover by taking a glimpse of my Re-ment collection. And hello to my fellow collectors! Drop me a comment if you have some questions regarding re-ments, latest series or Rilakkuma in general. *wink*

This is my first ever Rilakkuma re-ment from the Japanese Sweets series. I got it as a graduation gift.

Re-ment (short for "Reform the Entertainment") is a company that manufactures collectibles and miniature toys.

On my last Japan visit, I got the chance to hunt for re-ment. My mother (thanks mom!) bought me this Aloha Rilakkuma Re-ment set at Kyoto-Yodobashi. It is a HUUUUGE store that offers items from electronics to toys.

I personally prefer the Rilakkuma Chocolate Cafe Re-ment set than the Aloha but it wasn't available at that time so I ended up with this set. Anyway, the Aloha Re-ment is also good. Mama also bought me a set of Rilakkuma table & chairs set and a Display Rack Re-ment - where all the miniature food were displayed.

It also comes with miniature paper bags, knife and fork, receipt, and few paper money. So cute!

Look how tiny they are!

Note: If you want to grab these photos, please credit me/Ventures of the Vixen blog. Thank you!

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  1. I know a friend who also collects/loves this mini toys! I'm not sure how they're called though. SHe calls these "nendo". Am I right? Haha

    These are just so cute and tiny! I'm not for these haha I easily lose things, what more these tiny pieces. Haha

    1. Nope. Nendoroids are different :)
      They're tiny figures of cute anime characters with small bodies and huge head. Hahaha.


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