April 10, 2016

After some time spent with unnecessary life drama, here I am basking under the sun with my bare-naked feet slowly pressing against every grain of damp sand. This is my life as of this moment.. a young adult, in her soaked rash guard, running along the shores of Sabang Surfing Beach, slightly tanned.. laughing.. and loving her life. My mind and soul are worry-free.

It is now that I realized how lucky I am with how my life has been. Months ago, I was in the middle of questioning my purpose - as to why can't I stay at Japan and why can't I earn well with my career status, why did I even quit my first job where I have a more decent position, and where did the crack in my life started.

It is now, when I am closer to nature, that I realized that I am actually living the perfect life.. despite every chances I've let go in the past.

Maybe God's plan for me is to see the world in different angle. To not focus on the job in a four-cornered office, doing complicated reports.. but to focus on the beautiful world around me instead. Maybe, I landed on my present job to bring joy to the young and young-at-heart.. and to teach me that good companionship is essential than high compensation. And maybe, if I hadn't quit on my first job, I wouldn't be able to travel with the most important people in my life.

Here I am now, with Jaybert holding my hand.. with a family to come home to, with enough money to keep my stomach full, with a loving dog, with enough memories made in Japan, and with an ocean to dive in later.
Not everyone got the chance to travel, and still have a job. Not everyone of the same age as mine. 

I may not have the brightest career, nor living in Japan - my dream country, 
but in God's permission, I've become a citizen of the world ..  and that is better. 

His plans for me is always better.

Sharing my latest venture with you;  Baler, Aurora Philippines

Low tide at Diguisit Beach

Diguisit Beach rock formation

4km that consists of boulders, stones and body of water up to the Ditumabo Motherfalls

Just by looking at this candid photo feels so good. I was very happy!
 To be honest, I am never a fan of summer. I am always trying to escape the summer season by leaving the country or moving to a colder place shutting everything that connects me to the outside world. But during our stay at Baler, all the inconvenience of summer to me were magically gone! No headache, skin rashes, no sweat (yes srsly), just tan lines!
Sabang Surfing Beach

"When you saw only one set of footprints, 
it was then that I carried you."

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