May 09, 2016

May 10, 2016 - 12:58am

Hello web! So this is my first entry for Memento blog series. Nothing special, just random thoughts and feelings compiled. You know, for readers to easily differentiate which entry they wanted to read .. if you're fed up with my personal issues then skip Memento entries if not then proceed on reading. The goal is as simple as that.

Enough with this new 'memento' thing and let's proceed on the story.

LIFE CHANGE/S: New job unlocked. New Philippine President.

CURRENT FEELING: Confuse af. I think I'm going crazy.

PLAN/S AT THE MOMENT: Solo backpacking on November or earlier. New laptop.

Nagasaki - February 2016

In a quick snap, I have pulled my life together but not in a smooth way. The momentum is so fast that I failed to take care of some important things. Anyway, guys, I want you to know that in this coming school year 16-17, I will be an IBEd instructor and a student as well. I got the job at the end of April and the rest of everything happening now is beyond my control. You see? my last posts here on the blog were merely about being so lost and almost giving up on my quarter life crisis, now I am here BACK ON TRACK. I can now see which path I want to take and all glory will always be to God.

Right now, I am on my living room writing this.. instead of doing my lesson plans and other paper works. Haha! I've been sleeping in the living room for a week now, since I am doing some revamp on my bedroom. Honestly, I am so tired right now.. my sudden change of routine is draining my energy. But I am so proud of how my body works, I want to give an award to my body for being tough. Hahaha! I've undergone many changes and adjustments both emotionally and physically but there's no single time that my body fails me. The last time I got sick was 10 years ago. SERIOUSLY.

My hands are really occupied with my new job, unfinished job, enrollment, online business, family matters and house maintenance. But I am not complaining! Everything is messy now, but in a good way.

Always hoping for a better tomorrow. Stay positive little fox!

Love, Len.

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  1. Good luck on your new job and more power! xx

    Just Because l


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