May 08, 2016

The observation platform of this observatory is a bridge connecting the two towers of the Umeda Sky Building, whose roof features a doughnut shape that provides an unobstructed 360-degree view. While enjoying the breathtaking sights you can also directly feel the wind―which at 170 meters off the ground can get quite strong. From this observatory you can not only see all of Osaka but as far away as Awaji Island.  - Osaka Info

80 percent of the building is glass window that creates the illusion of being invisible. The glass reflects the sky and every infrastructure around the building, with the same characteristic of a chameleon.

Umeda Sky Building from Umeda Train Station

The entrance of one of the two escalator bridges, connecting the two towers of Umeda Sky Building. It is steeper and scarier in person! Imagine: You are crossing through this thin escalator wherein you can see the rest of Osaka and no other platform below you to be found. 

I may look tough but my heart is heavily pounding at that moment. Doing my best not to have a look outside, with my one hand strongly gripping at the escalator. 

There's a cafe inside the building where you can enjoy your meal while enjoying the view of Osaka. Indeed, a perfect place for a date or mere relaxation.

They say, that the perfect time for couples to visit Umeda Sky Building is at night - where you can see the stars and the city lights. There is also a romantic area at the top of the tower where you can put your love locks. Yay! Definitely will be on my bucket list. *next time.. next time*

Night photos from google:



In the basement of Umeda Sky Building lies the Takimi-Koji Gourmet Street that mimics old Osaka village from Taisho era. 

They've done a great job of making visitors like us to feel the old Japan vibe. I wasn't really surprise upon seeing this street because what do you expect from Japan? Everything they do, they do it meticulously. 


Hope I have successfully took you into Umeda Sky Building. But remember, no blog or photos or stories will ever do the justice of authentic feeling of being in that certain place. I am writing travel entries, not just to document my life nor to make you feel envious of mine (Never. Duh). 
I'm encouraging you young people to take the leap, and explore.

and DREAM, of course.

Have a good day! 

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