October 16, 2016


Last year, I've seen a real poinsettia in Hong Kong.. this year, I've experienced real snow in the Land of the Rising Sun. Indeed, life has been good in giving me unforgettable moments to treasure till I grow old.

It is also my first time to visit Japan in winter season, and I must say, winter is as beautiful as spring. Onsens are more relaxing, public parks are more peaceful in winter than the rest of the year, and mountains look more appealing with their fogs and winter trees.


Upon reaching the location, we immediately look for hanbaiki (vendo machine) to buy something to drink while waiting for the cable car to arrive. Yes, we rode a cable car to reach the highest point of the valley.

This photo was taken from the cable car

One silly decision I've made that day is wearing heels! Hahaha

Another experience that made me realize how small people are.

In case you are wondering, you can rent ski equipment if you want. There is also an area for kids who are learning how to ski. 

These goods are available in the exit and entrance near the cable car. Most of the items are sakura or strawberry flavored.. there are also skin care products made from tofu. You can also grab Biwako souvenirs from this store.

For more information about Biwako, you can visit this website instead:

Hoping to update this blog more often. Til next time! Matta ne!

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