Instant Ramen Museum, Osaka

July 15, 2017

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The Instant Ramen Museum
Ikeda City, Osaka

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Instant ramen noodles has been my savior from late night hunger, easy breakfast or snack. For a ramen lover like me, visiting this museum is enthralling. 

The photos above is the Nissin Ramen Tunnel wherein replicas of instant ramen from present to the beginning were displayed. At the end, you'll see the very first variety of instant ramen which was launched in 1958

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Step 1:
You have to buy ramen noodles cup from the vendo machine inside the museum

Step 2:
You must wash your hands with soap and water at the sanitation area

Step 3:
Pimp your cup!
There's an area wherein you can design your cup however you like. Writing/coloring pens are provided

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Step 4:
You have to hand your cup the counter and wait for your turn

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Step 5:
After filling your cup with noodles, you will be called and ask will be asked what broth and toppings do you prefer.

You can choose among the four flavors of broth: Miso, Curry, Seafood, Shio
I chose sho, and it was good.
Meanwhile, you can choose up to four toppings. Mine were shrimp, egg, chinese-styled pork, and beef

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Step 6:
Air bag packaging
After processing(wrapped and sealed) your customized instant ramen, the staff will hand it back to you.
Then you have to proceed to the packaging section wherein you have to pump an airbag that will serve as your instant ramen's container


Mr. Ando's work shed

Inside the museum, you can also see the replica of Mr. Ando's work shed. Mr. Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant noodles and the founder of Nissin Food Products Co., devoted himself to develop instant noodles for a whole year in this shed.

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Cup Noodle, invented 1971

When Mr. Ando visited USA to promote his instant noodles, there are no appropriate bowls and chopsticks available in the USA. Hence, a buyer split the noodles of the ramen, put them into the paper cup and poured hot water into it. Then began eating them with a fork. 
Witnessing this, Mr. Ando hit upon a good idea .. 

"noodles in a cup!"

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The first instant noodle product brought into outer space, 2005

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For more information about Momofuku Ando's Instant Ramen Museum, you check:

Meanwhile, here's my Instant Ramen Museum vlog
Edited using VideoShow app on Samsung Galaxy A7

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Til we meet again, Mr. Ando! :)

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  1. Wow! Who would have thought there is a museum dedicated to noodles! Or even that ramen noodles have been around that long! I actually want to go and pimp my cup!

  2. Oh my goodness you just blew my mind! I has NO idea there was such a place. Awesome photos, love the video clip. I seriously want to go!

  3. Same! I never thought there was a museum for noodles in Osaka. The place is so nice and I really like your photos! This post is informative indeed.

  4. This would be one of the places I want to see in Japan, aside from the kitkat chocolatory. 😊 And oh, I want Miso for my cup noodle! Thank you for sharing your experience, it was really nice. 😊

    <a href='>LOVE from MYXILOG</a>

  5. I LOVE ramen!! I am so jealous that you have this place to visit and build your own cup!!! I woild be extrememly fat because I'd eat there every day lol


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