As what I've said a gazillion times here (that's an exaggeration actually) one thing that's keeping me sane and motivated, is reading blogs. To me, having a glimpse of someone else's musings and thoughts is therapeutic. It's like communicating with people.. being able to relate to them. These people can motivate us with their life achievements, their advocates and thoughts, travels and experiences, and even the most mundane things they happen to document.

In this post, I want to share with you my go-to blogs.
I prefer blogs that are NOT mainstream, blogs that are personal and will make you feel human. I do not really want to read about OOTDs and marketing stuff, that's why I am not into the famous blogs which only shows curated photos and stories. What I like are raw life being documented to share positivity. If I wanted consumerism on my mind then I would've read a magazine!

❤ ❤ 

Here are my go-to blogs in no particular order:

Rainbowholic, of course!
When I was starting with blogspot, my daily routine was to read Raibowholic for inspiration. 
There are many reasons why I love the blog:
1. The girl is a dreamer. - She knows what she wants, and she is (almost) getting EVERYTHING! 
I do not know what the magic this girl has but she really is living every dream that she once had.
She is sharing her journeys of how she attained her dreams, mostly about Japan. 
And she also blog about successful projects she created together with equally successful people or brand.
2. F R I E N D S H I P   G O A L S  - She's friend with many influential people even if she's not in the Philippines. And of course, you can see how she value friendship in her posts. (fyi: She's friends with Abbey Sy.)
3. Travel Vlogs - no need to explain this

Note: Although I am not into the KAWAII aesthetics anymore, I still follow her for life inspiration.

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Remember the K-Drama Tour that circulated earlier this year? It was Anagon's Blog.
I visit this blog whenever I wanted to read about beauty routine and travel tips.
She also documents her travels as if she's a friend, personally talking to you.

❤ ❤ 

L'essentiel or previously Candy Kawaii Lover. I relate to this blog the most.
Reasons why I love this blog:
- The title itself, L'essentiel - it speaks only the essentials in eye of the blogger.
- Travel stories are on point
- Though I'm not really a huge fan of posting OOTDs. Her OOTDs are great and relate-able.
- The blogger herself is open with her thoughts and is sharing both positives and negatives. There are good times, there are terrible times. She is raw - as if the blog (that looks so perfect) is saying that the person behind it is just like us.. 
a human.
- The girl knows her advocates! This is L'essentiel's major point. She is clear about what she wanted to fight for: ie. Cruelty-free beauty and Giving-up fast fashion

❤ ❤ 

The only foreign blog I follow. The Weirdo In Pink is a blog based in Indonesia.
It is a diary! Meaning, you get to witness a usual life of a self-proclaimed weirdo.
In here, you'll see tons of random photos incorporated with the blogger's daily musings.
She also shares her artworks (mostly doodles)
Since, she's in Indonesia, I get to see a different environment and interesting culture.
She also have this series called Sketched Strangers (which is my favorite part of the blog)
wherein she creates illustrations of random people she run into.

❤ ❤ 


You may laugh at this but I really read Maine Mendoza's blog.
I am not a fan of hers as an actress (at all), but I like her as a blogger.
The blog is very transparent. 
There is a Sunday Currently series, there are poems, short stories, and other usual and random things.
To sum it up, The Pessimistic Optimist Bella is a window into the mind of a well-known personality  - before and after fame.

❤ ❤ 

I am still (and continuously) looking for inspirational blogs to read or follow.
Do you also have a favorite blog that you can suggest?
Feel free to leave a comment.


  1. hi there! I enjoy reading this and will check those blogs you mentioned also.

  2. They seem all very nice, I will check them out for sure...yes I prefer personal blogs too.....reading about experiences , ideas, motivations and so on :)

  3. I didn't know that Maine was still active on her blog until now. It was last year when her blog was down because of the traffic. Hindi kinaya. But it's good that she's still active. Thank you for sharing! :)


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