October 16, 2017

From head to toe I was wearing products from fast-fashion brands.
Earrings from Forever 21, trench from Ingni, top is from Olive des Olive, boots bought from CLN, and the list goes on ..

After this trip, guess where these items are in right now?  In my closet. Never to be worn again.

I am the type of person who don't usually go out and dress up but why am I wasting so much time arranging my always cluttered closet? Oftentimes I am wondering if I needed to buy more storage compartments or just stop buying clothes - but the latter seems impossible so I always end up buying more drawers. How can I stop buying clothes? That's one of my necessities as a human being. Also, I was raised by a mother who is equally shopaholic like me, and I was never scolded when it comes to selecting clothes and buying them. -- This was my mindset long before I began reading about sustainable fashion.

I am sure everybody has the same mindset like mine. We tend to buy new clothes because of the influence of the society.. we always want what's new and trendy, ditching old clothes one trend at a time. After reading Ashley Dy's post about her advocacy about sustainable fashion, I started assessing myself if I can do the same. I even began reading about minimalism in general, also known as living with less. There's so many things I've realized throughout the process, and as I go with the idea.. I keep on asking myself questions like .. "Can I do this?"  "How long can I do it?" and the most important - "Do I really WANT to do this?"   After months of contemplating, the answer is always YES.  Hence I finally braved this post.

In the process I learned so many things about living with less and here are the following:

  • Minimalism is NOT living with nothing, it is living with what you NEED and what you LOVE
  • LESS IS MORE. - Less time spent in choosing clothes to wear means more time for relaxation. Less stuff to clean, more time for hobbies. Less things to occupy our minds means we can focus on what really matters.
  • The reason why I can't be more organized is because the things to organized are adding up
  • NEED is always greater than WANT
  • Not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you.
I started by raiding my closet and dispose the things I no longer need and love. That is the key in eliminating things - ask yourself if you need it or if you love it, if the answer is both no.. then why do you even own it?


1. I successfully reduce the content of my closet to 40% and now I have transferred my bags from my extra compartment to the new space in my closet. If you're wondering, here are some of the things that I've either donated or thrown away:

 - Small clothes that I thought I could still wear just in case I lose weight
- Clothes that I am not wearing in more than a year already and I know I will not be wearing anymore
- Old organizational shirts, uniform, caps, jerseys
- Mementos from events such: candles from Christening ceremonies, letters, key chains, charms, plane tickets and entrance tickets from travels etc.
- Receipts and brochures
- Old headsets, cables, chargers, CDs
- Old atm cards and prepaid cards
- Old nail polish
- Mismatched socks

2. ONLINE DETOX - From 4,000 Facebook friends to 2,022. It feels so great! There are less selfies and toxic statuses of people I don't actually know in real life!

3. I bought seven pieces of (almost) uniform tops and bottoms. These clothes will be my everyday clothes. I don't have to spend my time deciding which outfit to wear for casual days. This idea was inspired by Nas Daily and by this photo:

Related image

4. I stopped buying and owning more. How? Whenever I'm out and saw something I wanted to buy, I always ask myself if A. Do I have a similar item like this already? B. Will I be using it? C. Do I really want it? If no, then I'll go home and if the item will still be on my mind after three weeks.. then that will be the time that I might consider buying it.

5. And after buying something new, I'll make sure that I'll dispose an old thing I own.

6. As much as possible I buy the things I need from thrift shop, surplus or online pre-loved shops.

Image result for minimalism quotes

I am not saying that you should do the things I did but I encourage you to just give minimalism a thought. This change is slowly helping my daily life become simpler and easier. By also living with less, you are not just helping yourself but also the environment.

(PS: More about the last sentence on a separate post.)


I'm always open for your insights and suggestions.

With love,

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  1. Nice creatiria :) I Love it! ❤️

  2. Wow,nice. I can't really relate about having too much clothes because I dont buy. I wear same clothes most of the time so I don't know if I'm already a minimalist. I only bought 1 dress, 1 pants this year and my mom occasionally buys me ukay. Haha. So, I'm glad with your progress, having less will also help the environment as you will leave less carbon imprint. Fashion is one of the top contibutor of pollution on earth. Fighting!

  3. That is just a brave thing to do Ronalene. People tend to let that thought of having more to a happier and satisfying life than having just the right amount of what they need. Personally, I only have a week of supply of clothes in my stash, and now, I am already thinking of what to get rid of. :D And for FB friends, woah, that's a lot of trashed friends. hihi. I only have 200+ on my account, I always want to keep my account personal. :D


  4. Totally love reading this. I also bought clothes because it's the new trend but when I wore it, it doesn't looks right on me, even not feeling it right LOL!. The obsession of buying things is the cause of the modern society. I'm not blaming the society here, it's just that humans are easily get jealous on what others have.

  5. I'm also into minimalism! You might want to check out this site


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