December 01, 2017

Let me just create a list of things I aspire to have aka the stuff I can't afford at the moment.
May this post motivate me to work harder for the upcoming year and I also encourage my friends to set goals such as wishlist of material things you want to attain or even wishlist of more sensible matter. (Cue: unending papayat din ako wishes, of course! haha)
Why books? wala lang. I just missed reading books! I've been so occupied this year that I can't find time to read books. I hope that 2018 will give me more room for reading.

Enough with the buzz, here are the books and journals on my list and the reason why they made it here:


1. Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami

Because it's Haruki Murakami! Since 1Q84, I fell in love with Murakami's writing style. It's always fearless, sexual, cringe-worthy and thought-provoking. 
Men Without Women, according to the many reviews I've read is a compilation of various stories mainly about men without women. 
Seven different stories, all written by the genius.. one of my favorite authors.



How did he know about me? I have no idea. Had she mentioned my name to her husband, as an old boyfriend? But why? And how did he know my phone number (which was unlisted)? In the first place, why me? Why would her husband go to the trouble of calling me to let me know his wife had died? I couldn’t imagine she’d left a request like that in a farewell note. We’d broken up years earlier. And we’d never seen each other since–not even once. We had never even talked on the phone.
That’s neither here nor there. The bigger problem was that he didn’t explain a single thing to me. He thought he needed to let me know his wife had killed herself. And somehow he’d gotten hold of my phone number. Beyond that, though–nothing. It seemed his intention was to leave me stuck somewhere in the middle, dangling between knowledge and ignorance. But why? To get me thinking about something?
Like what?

 2. Into The Water by Paula Hawkins

I've only read one of Paula Hawkins works, The Girl on the Train. And since I found myself looking for thriller and suspense read, I think Into the Water is a good one. I don't know why but I am fond of stories that revolves around mystery deaths.



In the last days before her death, Nel called her sister. Jules didn’t pick up the phone, ignoring her plea for help.

Now Nel is dead. They say she jumped. And Jules has been dragged back to the one place she hoped she had escaped for good, to care for the teenage girl her sister left behind.

But Jules is afraid. So afraid. Of her long-buried memories, of the old Mill House, of knowing that Nel would never have jumped.

And most of all she’s afraid of the water, and the place they call the Drowning Pool . . .


3. The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

And of course, the famous KonMari method which I am trying to love and live by was derived from this book - a self-help book about tidying up. This selection has something to do with my goal of living with less.



Likewise, Kondo’s central question — does it spark joy? — provides a refreshingly simple barometer, especially for sentimental items. Kondo gives the reader permission to let go. Those old love letters will live on inside us forever, and we don’t need to cling to them in the present.



1. Start Where You Are

It is is an interactive journal designed to help readers navigate the confusion and chaos of daily life with one simple reminder: that every answer we're looking for is already inside us. -

I strongly believe in the saying, "the longest journey is the journey inwards". And if you're with this blog for quite a while now, you might know that I created this blog with the main purpose of finding myself. This journal contains different creative activities and questions towards self-exploration.

2. ABC Travel Journal

This travel journal is made by one of our favorite girls, Abbey Sy.
The main reason why I wanna buy ABC Travel Journal? It's because the pages were made from watercolor paper. It is also artsy (of course), and perfect from my creative drafts and sketches.

3. Q and A a day

This one's another self-exploration journal. It contains daily questions for personal and character development. I want to have this because I think this can help me improve my writing and intrapersonal skills. And also, I love how the cover looks like it was pulled out from the library of Hogwarts. Yay!


So there it is, my Books & Journal Wishlist for 2018
What about you? What are the things your aspire to have?
I encourage you to create your own wishlist and leave your link in the comment section.

I also want to tag and challenge one blogger friend to do the same:

I'm referring to you, Vanessa!

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  1. I'm into books before but since books became movies, I get lazy reading books because i knew that it will be in the movie. LOL! anyways i love your listed books and journal f must-read. I wanted to have the abc travel journal. Can i buy it in any national bookstore?

    1. Hi Ann! I guess Abbey Sy (ABC) merchandise are available in SM and National Bookstore. And they're supeeeeeeeer awesome.

  2. I am not a book person but definitely try reading a book or 2 in a month. Thanks for a list I can use as a reference :)

    1. No biggies :) You can always check my 'Book Club' series for book reviews without spoilers. Hahaha

  3. Hey. I loved your list.
    My list of books will be Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie and Selfie With Bible Girls by Laju be filled with to-do -lists.
    My journals would probab


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